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Fun & Creativity

Naturalistic Environment Teaching 

Creating a learning opportunity out of the encounter. ABA practitioners utilize NET to create a learning experience away from the traditional tabletop setting.  

Social Skills

Working on communication skills, identifying social cues, and promoting engagement with others.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

It promotes engagement in activities that target motor skills.

Functional Communication Training

No matter if your child uses sign language, an augmentative device, or their voice to communicate their words matters! We want your child to have the ability to communicate. We work diligently to increase your child's communication.

Direct Training Trials

DTT provides multiple opportunities to work on retention and skills such as sitting at a table, attending, and engaging. DTT also provides children with an opportunity to practice their skill acquisition goals.


Studies show that most young children benefit from a week of 25-40 hours of ABA therapy. We want what is best for your child, and we provide a fun learning environment with that intention. Playtime allows children to socialize, communicate and observe modeled behavior from their peers.

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